Lots of Little Things

We did a couple of pretty significant releases yesterday – EMail Templates and CRM View. Perhaps more important for our customers is to know just how many changes we have made in the past two days (38 total changes in 24 releases of our software). Here is a list:

  • Donation Fundraiser Template Fix
  • Fix DatabaseException on no USAT events
  • Cap image helper uploads at 5000×5000
  • Fix CRM Year Sorting
  • Fix get logo function names
  • Update file copyrights
  • Redirect merged user profile page.
  • Correct Image Paths
  • Fix USAT daemon check to not send Admin E-mails until 3rd attempt
  • Donation Communication Fixes
  • RUSA Report: Better Classification; Flush child users on merge
  • RUSA Report Update; Duplicate Account Fix; Better CrowdRise Exception
  • Email Template V2 Fixes
  • Template Updates to Reduce Support
  • Running USA stats
  • CSV Import: Guess standard columns before questions and only guess once.
  • CSV Import: Only require default group if event is supported.
  • CSV Import: Hide OK mappings.
  • CSV Import: Trim fields and ignore time in date only field.
  • Only show USAT waivers on USAT enabled events.
  • Fix issue with max_allowed_packet limit on dropout report
  • Typo fix
  • Update USAT batch with better admin E-mails
  • Use larger (disk) instance for database backups
  • Bib setup note and button updates
  • Remove unused large image.
  • Set new races last modified to creation date to ensure non-null last modified field
  • Assign template settings directly to support migration rebuilding templates.
  • CloudSearch – Preserve result order from AWS
  • Never show $0.00 as lower end of processing fees
  • Event grouping text update
  • CSV import array fix
  • Fix sales tax setup validation
  • Partner participant report variable fix
  • Bring back my fundraiser undefined variable fix
  • Copyright infringement check update.

Oh, and as part of our PCI compliance, each of those changes was reviewed by at least one other developer.

Aren’t you glad we don’t do a blog each time we make a change????

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