The Little Things in Life…

We did two pretty major releases yesterday – CRM for Donations and Fundraising, and improved performance by about 10%. We also released a bunch of other things as well:

  • Timer 24hr CSV option.
  • USAT waiver on participant management page.
  • Fix question default responses.
  • Bib range search.
  • Add DNQ option.
  • Minor ROAD iD fixes.
  • Store items were taking up two lines on bib label generation.
  • Marketplace was put onto the Main Website.
  • Error notification if uploading duplicate bib numbers.

We occasionally talk about the little things we do. They add up to creating a better, smoother race management platform for our customers. For example, Sam at Brazen Racing wanted to be able to download military time for his timing software on the first bullet, or the Frederick Market Street Mile wanted better-looking bib labels when they printed their store items, or a timer had uploaded team bib numbers from their own CSV and duplicated the group ID numbers and bib numbers which caused confusion for them and our support staff this past Labor Day weekend.

Another example of our attention to detail is a nice thank you note we received yesterday from Sarah Hamilton:

“I didn’t email for help but he reached out when pricing and dates didn’t match up.”

This was our AI-driven, proactive support at work where our software is trying to detect common errors customers make so we can fix the problems before they happen.

We can’t make all problems go away, but at least we are trying!

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