Don’t Serve Mashed Potatoes Without the Gravy!

Gobble Up Some Savings with RaceJoy

Deliver a race with all the trimmings by offering RaceJoy’s live GPS tracking and cheer sending! We’re offering a 20% discount for races held on Thanksgiving Day or the Friday after. Gobble this up, folks, and offer an experience that would amaze any pilgrim.


Your participants chose to do a Thanksgiving race to share an enjoyable family experience. So, why not add an extra helping of fun and encourage more registrations? They will ask others to track them in RaceJoy who may be tempted to join in and give your registration a boost. Don’t just give them a plain ol’ mashed potato race without the gravy. Give them RaceJoy!

Learn more about all the features available for your participants and spectators, the advantages you’ll receive as a race organizer and what you can offer your sponsors for added recognition by visiting our website.

Special 20% off for any race held on Thanksgiving Day or the Friday following.


This offer is available through Thursday, November 1st. All we need is your electronic course map. No equipment, no integration needed. Participants carry their phone on race day.



Schedule a demo of RaceJoy to see how your race can offer live participant tracking, GPS progress alerts and cheers.

Check out this Race Organizer Overview to learn more about RaceJoy. Contact us for further information and to discuss your race’s options.


Let us know your race specific needs and we will provide a custom quote for your event(s).

Please make sure to include the following information in your request: Race name, course distance(s) and expected number of total registrants.


If you are ready to offer RaceJoy, send us an email at Please provide: Race name, race URL, expected number of total registrants and anything special you think we should know about your course.

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