Behind our Partnership with ROAD iD

We first told you about our partnership with ROAD iD back in July. In August, the partnership was activated, allowing races to add a discounted ROAD iD as an add-on during registration, with incentives to the race for activating the add-on.

As many of you know, ROAD iD’s purpose is to Save Lives, Provide Peace of Mind and Empower Adventure. In an accident or emergency, their wearable IDs communicate who you are, who to contact, and how to access medical information. The IDs are designed to look so good that athletes can choose to wear them 24/7- not only for everyday peace of mind but also as a statement about how we like to spend our spare time.

To learn more about the product and the company behind it, here is a video from ROAD iD Co-founder and CEO, Edward Wimmer that tells you a bit more about our partnership:


Activation information is here:

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