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IMG_2898The CheckIn App is one of our most popular features. The previous version of the app was used by over 1,800 races this past year to checkin over 700,000 participants. We have released a totally re-implemented native CheckIn App for iOS and Android phones and tablets (so you will need to download the new app and can run it in parallel with the old app until you feel comfortable with the new app).

The new release improves stability, performance and scalability (50,000 participant searches fly!). In addition, we have taken all of your feedback over the past year to make the following improvements:

  • Edit Personal Information like name, gender, age
  • Change Event
  • Change Giveaway
  • Easy un-checkin
  • Fast list of Linked Registrations
  • Fast list of Team Members
  • Event Specific Presets
  • More customization of visible fields during checkin
  • Hide participants already checked in option
  • Track each checkin device in the race dashboard
  • Improved background syncing implementation
  • USAT Membership info viewing and editing
  • Fast checkin options using phone/tablet camera:
    • Scan Registration ID
    • Scan Bib Number
  • Finger signatures
  • Corporate Teams
  • Search by name, bib number, group/team name, corporate team name
  • Auto timezone adjust
  • Dynamic Bib assignment with camera reading barcode or QR code
  • Associated group/team and corporate team members visible in Linked Registrations
  • Improved Reports
  • Improved Edit settings
  • Improved Lock settings

This is a long list of features, which we make simple by providing “Presets” in the App. You can set up multiple presets so your volunteers have something limited and simple, while giving your more experienced staff features that allow for changes in event or participant information. Presets are configured in the app, not in the race dashboard now, but they are synced and can be shared. You can also lock down the app and preset on each device with a code.

The first step is to enable your race to use the CheckIn App in the Race Dashboard. You will set up a password that will be entered into the app to access your participant data for security purposes:

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 9.47.08 AM

Once you have enabled your race, and downloaded the app on your phone or tablet, you can search for it in your list. Once you have loaded it once, it appears at the top of the race list in your app:


When you pick your race, it will automatically sync your participants when connected to the Internet.

After all of your race’s participants are downloaded, you can begin checking participants in. The app applies a default preset with the needs of a “typical” race to all events (of course every race is special and has their own needs – hence the power of the presets).

However, if you want to set up different settings for each event, you can add various preset configurations in the app and attach them to events individually. A common use case would be to have a preset to require bib numbers for a timed race and a separate preset to not require bib numbers for a fun run.

The menu icon will show this list of options. Presets are configured under Settings:


Here is a set of screen shots that show all of the configurations possible to turn on and off (note your race’s custom questions will automatically show on this configuration page). It contains literally dozens of options for configuring the app for your race (see the list of new options in the bullet points above and what the previous version did here).




Sample Check-In

Let’s run thru a longer version of a sample check-in. As stated above, pretty much every one of these options can be turned on or off.

Search for a participant by typing (also the camera works to scan bib #’s or codes and shown later):


Pick a participant and have options like change event:


Change Event example:


Enter Bib Number (or you can use the camera for scanning a barcode or QR code):


Check for bib numbers that were already assigned (or not):


Optional Waiver Signature with your finger:


Note: Waiver signature collection via signature pad is only available on iOS devices. On Android, the waiver is shown in place of the signature pad with an “Agree” button at the bottom.



Here is an example of how easily Linked Registrations show so it is quick to check in people who registered together:


Example of scanning a bib #:


Example of modifying participant information:


Example of Clearing a bib that has been assigned:


Settings and Management

There are a variety of management options:


Quick Check-In drastically reduces steps so the app functions like a ticket taking device – simply scanning barcodes or QR codes and showing success and then resetting automatically to get the next one.

The following barcode types are supported in the new app:

  • QR Code (recommended)
  • Code 39
  • Code 128 [standard]

Lock Application allows you to lock the application so volunteers do not change settings. Simply enter a code to lock and one the same one to unlock:


Check In Stats shows overall checkin statistics and statistics broken down by event.


Queued Edits are the check ins that have not yet synced with the cloud.

The application attempts to automatically sync with RunSignUp every thirty seconds when the app is open and you have a race selected. During each syncing cycle, the application attempts to download new participants, clear removed participants, post participant updates, post group/team updates, and process any pending event transfers. The time the app was last synced for the selected race is shown in the race menu in the lower-left hand corner. If you want to manually sync, simply pull-to-refresh on the participant list.

The following types of changes are shown on the queued edits screen:

  • Participant edits (checkin status, bib number, personal info changes, etc.)
  • Group/team bib assignments
  • Event transfers


Chromebook Support

The new RaceDay CheckIn app can be downloaded on Chromebooks that support Google Play app downloads. The app expands to the full width of the screen, providing an enhanced user experience. Note that camera QR/barcode scanning is not supported on Chromebooks running the new app.

A list of Chromebooks that support Google Play downloads can be found here (look for devices marked Stable Channel).


The new version of the RunSignUp RaceDay CheckIn App can meet the diverse needs of races with a simple and fast check in process.

Want to see the app in action? Watch a recording of our RaceDay CheckIn App Webinar, led by the developer of the App. You can find the recording here, or on YouTube here!

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