Webinar Recap: Swag Rewards

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The latest installment of our RunSignUp Webinar Series dropped yesterday, with Technical Account Manager Natallie Young taking attendees through the steps to setup, promote, and capitalize on a Swag Rewards program. Natallie is a staunch advocate that every  race should be using Swag Rewards…so, for those of you who missed the webinar, here’s your chance to catch up!

What are Swag Rewards? 

Swag Rewards are an automated tool that tracks referrals participants make to their friends and family, and allows Race Directors to reward their best customers (and encourage them to continue promoting their event). Swag rewards can be used alone, or in conjunction with referral rewards refunds.

Do Referrals Matter?

When we look at races that have referral tracking on, there are three levels to look  at:

  • 2% of registrations come from referrals when no reward is offered.
  • 6% of registrations come from referrals when refund rewards are offered.
  • 11.6% of  registrations come from referrals when refunds and swag rewards are promoted.

How much do I have to spend on Swag Rewards?

Not much, or maybe nothing at all!

  • While a well promoted swag rewards program increases referrals, few people will reach the threshold to actually  receive the swag.
  • There are also free or low-cost options for swag – donated items from a sponsor, a VIP parking pass, a future race entry, etc.

How do  I implement my own Swag Rewards program!

Watch the webinar (below)! Alternatively, if you prefer an active experience to learn about Swag Rewards, Natallie set up a “test race” with a menu that covers inspiration for swag options, setup steps, and tips and tricks a successful Swag Rewards program.

Swag “Test Race”: https://runsignup.com/swag

Want to catch up on previous Webinars? They are always available to watch in two ways:

Webinar Archive: https://resources.runsignup.com/webinar-calendar/

Youtube Webinar Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbQkDH0nLEEFWIPt34eZwfZYJqusIlFWe

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