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Shopify_logoNote: We are making this option unavailable to new customers in February, 2022. The volume of usage and issues of inventory and item syncing introduced a 5% error rate, which we are not able to address fully.

We have done an extension to our first release of integrating with Shopify that automatically syncs inventory levels with Shopify. This enables current inventory to always show appropriately in both the Shopify Shop and as a race Add-on, which saves time and customer frustration.

In addition to updating Shopify when an Add-on order is placed in RunSignUp, we now track inventory updates made to your Shopify store. If items are sold through a different channel, or if inventory is added or deleted, RunSignUp will pick up those changes.
Here is a walkthrough use case. You have an existing Shopify store, and you would like to use some or all of the products on your RunSignUp race as Add-ons.
Let’s say you want to add the Hoodless Hoodie to your race as an Add-on option. The Hoodless Hoodie has S, M, L, and XL options, with inventory 42, 25, 35, and 55 respectively.
You would first set up Shopify integration by going to Race > Giveaways/Add-ons > Shopify Integration:
Check the Enabled checkbox in the Shopify Settings section, and add any Shopify Order Tags you would like to send along with an order. Order tags are OK to leave blank if you don’t use tags on Shopify. Click on the Save Shopify Settings button to save your settings.
Then click on the Link Race to Store button to set up an association between this race and your Shopify store. When you click the Add Store button, you will be taken to Shopify where you will grant RunSignUp permission to submit orders and query inventory.
After you grant permissions, you will be taken back to the Shopify Integration configuration page, where you will see a list of the Shopify stores associated with the race. You can add more than one Shopify store to a race, and stores can be shared across races.
You can then go the the Add-ons configuration page under Race > Giveaways/Add-ons > Registration Add-ons.
Add your Add-on by selecting the Shopify Store and Product, and then clicking the Use Shopify Product Info for Add-on to fill in the Add-on form with information from Shopify. Make sure you click the Save Add-ons at the bottom of the page when you are done. As you can see in the case, we added the Hoodless Hoodie, and the Text, Description, and Price were all filled in with data from Shopify.
Also note that information in the Advanced Options section is updated as well, including the inventory numbers from Shopify.
When a participant registers for the race, your item from Shopify will be displayed.
If the participant tries to order more than the current inventory for the item, they will get an error telling them the remaining number of items.
They can update to select an amount that is less than or equal to the remaining inventory.
If your Shopify store has email notifications turned on, you will get an email when an order is placed, with information about the order and the racer’s contact info.
On your Shopify store page, you can also see orders.
If we then check the Shopify product page, we can see inventory is decremented to the appropriate amount.
If we get a new shipment of items, let’s say 100 Hoodless Hoodies in each size, we can update the inventory numbers in Shopify.
We can see the new inventory numbers reflected in the RunSignUp Add-on page. Note that the RunSignUp and Shopify keep track of inventory slightly differently.  “Quantity Available” is the Shopify inventory amount plus the number sold. We will take of that account automatically for you. You only need to update inventory number on the Shopify side.
Also note that you can configure your Shopify products to not track inventory. In the Inventory section on Shopify, you can select “Don’t track inventory” in the Inventory Policy section. RunSignUp will treat these the same way, as untracked inventory, meaning that you can’t sell out of the item.

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