“I always viewed the entire RunSignUp as a CRM”

“I’m excited to see what we can use with the CRM as we grow. Although I always viewed the entire RunSignUp as a CRM. One could almost call it RunCRM ;)”

We love getting feedback from our customers, but this specific quote from an email really put a smile on our face. Why? We love that this customer understands the inherent benefit of  having a real Race CRM.

We’ve talked ad-nauseam about what a Race CRM is, and why you want one, but this sums it up pretty well: the difference between a standard CRM and a Race CRM is that one is a separate piece of software you need to import data into before you can take action, and the other is a living database with actions built directly into it. We are building additional CRM functionality and streamlining the process of activating your customers, but RunSignUp has been built as a CRM from the beginning. The core of our philosophy has always been to build a single place where race directors can interact with participants, making it easy for race directors to manage their participants and grow their races.

What are some ways you can activate participants with the current Race CRM?

Want to dive in deeper? Check out the Clif Notes history and future of Race CRM here.

We’re excited that it’s been helpful to this customer, and we’re looking forward to bringing them even more functionality!



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