Discontinuing Chrome App Check-In

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 8.11.51 AMAs we announced a while back, Google has decided to end of life their Chrome applications. Races used the RunSignUp.com/CheckIn link to get to this app (or downloaded it as a Chrome app) to get to this version. Effective January 1 it will no longer be available. We are posting the message on the right when you open that page until then.

The good news is that our new native iOS and Android Check-In app works on phone, tablets and the newer Chromebooks that support Android apps as detailed in this blog.

The web check-in is still a great option for people with laptops and reliable internet access. And we have added an easy way to assign delegate access to just the check-in app. You will also see a redesign of the web check-in page in 2019.

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