An Interview with Don Stoner of Runner’s High

Earlier this year we sat down with Don Stoner of Runner’s High Timing and Race Management. Based in Central Florida, Runner’s High manages nearly 40 events throughout the year. Through Runner’s High, Don does everything from timing to managing races by Runner’s High and other clients

To view the full video, you can check out the RunSignup Youtube channel or click on the video below. For now, here are some excerpts from Don’s interview.

Runner’s High Case Study

Q: How has RunSignup helped your company with race management?

A: The most helpful thing about RunSignup has to be the level of integration. All of the participant data flows from the registration platform all the way down to the timing systems. It is helpful for the race director because they are able to access that data and see correlations between the same event over two years or even compare two different events. We also track participant data across events which really helps us manage our customer base.

Graphical Comparison of Event Registrations

Q: How has Runner’s High used the email marketing platform on RunSignup?

We’ve begun to use the RunSignup email marketing platform as our main communication tool. There are certain events where we may be a timer and certain events that we may be managing and it is easy to differentiate between the two. The email platform lets me go in at an event level where I can contact registrants of a specific event or I can access at a partner level that allows us to communicate across all events.

Q: How else do you communicate with your customers?

A: Email is our main communication tool, along with social sharing. We use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It’s nice to be able to pick my level of communication and then dive deeper to specify the types of communication that I want to send my participants.

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