Hide Sold Out Ticket Groups & Levels

We have just released a new feature for ticket events. There is now an option in the event wizard to automatically hide ticket groups or ticket levels that are sold out on the event page or the ticket purchase screen. It is located in Step 3 (Purchase) under Waiver and Other Registration Settings.


Here is an event with this setting enabled and three ticket groups. When one of them sells out, it is automatically hidden. If you go back to the wizard and change the registration cap, you can make it reappear.

screenshot-test.runsignup.com-2019.06.04-11-24-54.png              screenshot-test.runsignup.com-2019.06.04-11-24-04.png

You can also hide a sold out ticket level on the purchase screen. However, you can’t  currently hide them on the homepage.

It looks like this before the ticket level sells out:


And after the ticket level sells out, it disappears:screenshot-test.runsignup.com-2019.06.04-11-43-38.png

A major benefit of this feature is that it gives you the ability to “clean up” your event website as ticket groups and levels sell out, so that visitors to your event website are able to clearly see what their ticket options are.

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