The Power of Email Marketing

Email can be a powerful marketing tool to reach a massive audience in seconds. Companies, from clothing to software, all use email marketing to communicate information to their customers. But, have you thought about how email marketing could impact your specific race?

In this blog post, we will dive into the benefits of email marketing and some key statistics about email marketing through the RunSignup platform.

The RunSignup email marketing platform provides you with several features to develop your own email marketing campaigns for your race. Here’s why you should use it:

Schedule Emails in Advance: We’re all busy, and the weeks leading up to a race can be hectic for a race director. You may not have time to write and send an email out to your whole email list. With an email marketing platform, you’re able to write your messages in advance. Just pick your date, time, and recipients and set it to send. The email platform will do the rest for you!

Set Automated Emails: Automated emails are triggered after a specific action is taken by a user. For example, if a registrant abandons registration after the first page, an automated email can be sent urging them to complete their application. Set emails to remind past runners of price increases. Automated emails can be a big driver to your race registrations.

In 2018, 36,846 registrations came from automated price increase emails. That is 12% of all registrations for races that had automated emails turned on. Another 2% of registrations came from incomplete registration emails.

Track Email Performance Metrics: Our email marketing platform tracks several metrics, such as open rates and click rates. Use these metrics to determine the success of your email marketing – and make changes when needed.

Free, User Friendly Email Platform: Like all of our features, email marketing is included with your RunSignup account for free. Emails are easy to create and you are never charged for the emails that you send.

Now that you know some of the benefits of email marketing, let’s dive into some statistics.

Use of our email platform has increased significantly over the past year. Comparing January-May of 2018 and January-May of 2019, emails sent through out email platform have increased by around 65%. This shows that races are increasingly becoming more involved in their email marketing campaigns.

Another interesting piece of information: In 2018, the average number of emails sent per month was 10.99 million. In October and November however, 15.1M and 16.5M emails were sent respectively. This is 37% and 50% more than the average number of emails sent per month. This could be attributed to the extreme popularity of Turkey Trots during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Email marketing has been increasing in popularity among our users over the past year. At least 14% of emails in 2018 came from automated email requests. Will you hop on the email trend and create your first email marketing campaign?

For more resources on how you can use RunSignup’s email marketing platform, you can view our webinar on email marketing, or check out these powerpoint slides on creating marketing emails.

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