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Donation websites are now available as part of RunSignup for Nonprofits’ Early Adopter Program. Donation websites will be publicly available to qualified 501c3 nonprofits in mid-July.

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Your nonprofit will be able to use flexible and fully customizable donation websites in a variety of ways:

  • Seamlessly integrate with your nonprofit’s website as a way to accept one-time and recurring donations. Add a subdomain (for free!) to keep your supporters on  
  • Create multiple donation websites for different campaigns (like Giving Tuesday).
  • Use a donation website as your nonprofit’s primary website.

Donation websites are easy to set up and update. Searchable and downloadable reports make donor management straightforward. Financial reports are simple to view, export, and reconcile.

Create a Donation Website

You can create your donation website in minutes. There are 3 primary steps to setting up and customizing your donation website:

  1. Donation website wizard
  2. Customize your donation website
  3. Set up one-time and recurring donations

1. Donation Website Wizard

When you create a new donation website, you will go through a short Wizard. There are 3 steps.

Basic Info: Enter basic information to create your website.

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Payment: Choose whether processing fees are absorbed by your nonprofit, passed to the donor, or split 50/50. You will also link your nonprofit’s payment account to the donation website.

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Finish: You have created a donation website! Click the blue Customize Now button to go to your donation website dashboard and customize your website.

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This takes you to your Donation Website DashboardThe dashboard has an easy-to-navigate menu on the left that lets you customize, update, and report on your donation website. You can click View Website to see what your supporters will see when they go to your Donation Website.

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2. Customize your Donation Website

There are a number of ways to customize your donation website.

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Web Page

To begin, add your color scheme, a logo, banner image, and your social media handles. If you would like to add a domain or subdomain to your donation website, navigate to Web Page >> Domains. For more information on how to add a domain or subdomain, please see the following guides:

Secure Access

Give your nonprofit team access to your Donation Website Dashboard so that they can view reports, make updates, and pull donor data.


Next-generation notifications are included in your donation website and are fully editable. There are currently 2 notifications:

  1. Donation Made

The Donation Made notification serves as a tax-deductible receipt for your donors. The email placeholder tags must be included and automatically pull your nonprofit’s name, tax ID, and address. You will be able to confirm and update this information under Donations >> Donations Setup >> Tax Deductible Info. You can add additional content to the email or rearrange its order.

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  1. Recurring Donation Failed

The Recurring Donation Failed Notification notifies a donor when a recurring donation fails. The donor will receive a notification with a secure link to update their recurring donations (for example, updating their credit card number).

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3. Set up One-time and Recurring Donations

Setting up donations is simple but flexible. It is the same setup that is used to enable donations in Nonprofit Ticket Events.

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Donations Setup

You will begin setting up donations by adding a date to open donations, and adding a donation message. You can choose to enable recurring donations, giving donors the option to make a monthly, quarterly, or annual donation. You can learn more about recurring donations here.

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Once you have made your updates, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Donation Settings.

At the bottom of the page, there are 5 advanced options where you can further customize donations for your website.

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Display Settings

Edit the way your Donate page appears. This is similar to basic set up, but allows you to customize the top donor display and the “Absorb processing fee text” that shows when a donor makes a recurring donation.

Personal Info Requirements

You can select which information is required, optional, or not shown when someone makes a donation. First name, last name, and email are always required.

Attribution Settings

When donating, donors will be given the option to enter who the donation is on behalf of or if they want the donation to display to the public as “Anonymous”. You can give different options for what text displays with the name, such as “in honor of” or “in memory of”. Click “Add Another” to add additional options for your donors to choose from.

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You can also allow donors to specify where they want their donation applied. For example, if your nonprofit supports a school, you might allow donors to select options such as “Academics”, “Sports”, or “Where there’s the most need.”

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Tax Deductible Info

For donations to be tax deductible in the United States, you need to show certain information on the confirmation E-mail. This fields on this page automatically populate all donation confirmation emails. You should confirm that the information entered is correct and up-to-date. You can also specify the % of the donation that is tax deductible; typically, this is 100%.

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Donation Levels

This is where you can add suggested donation amounts that donors can click to quickly make a donation. Donors will always be able to enter a custom donation amount.

Donation levels are automatically sorted by donation amount once you save the form. Be careful when editing an existing donation level. If you are fixing a typo or making small changes to the description, editing should be fine. However, if you are making major changes that you don’t want reflected in previous donor information, you should create a new level.

Donations List

The donation report is simple to view and download.

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The report can also be customized through the use of search filters. For example, here is a search for all donations over $100:

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Recurring Donations List

This report shows all recurring donations. You can end a recurring donation by clicking the red Disable button. You can click Donations to view transaction details for each instance of a recurring donation.

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Each individual instance of a recurring donation will also show in the Donations List and financial reports.

Want to learn more?

Do you want to learn more about RunSignup for Nonprofits’ new features? We will be making some exciting announcements in mid-July. In the meantime, check out these blogs. If you are a 501c3 and interested in being an Early Adopter, you can apply here.


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