CRM expands to include ticket holders

We’ve expanded CRM list functionality with the addition of ticket holders as a list option. RunSignup / GiveSignup’s free CRM enables you to look across all of your races and ticket events, and build filters for your supporters including participants, fundraisers, donors, and now ticket holders, quickly and easily. 

In your Race or Nonprofit Ticket Event Dashboard, you can navigate to CRM >> Create List. You’ll now be able to select ticket holders and apply filters to create a list.

The screenshot below shows the filter for all current ticket holders for an event. You can add additional filters to only show certain ticket groups (i.e. individuals, groups, days, etc.) and ticket levels (i.e. adult, child, etc.). You can create as many filters as you would like to include multiple targeted ticket groups/levels in a single list. You can also choose to show all past and present ticket holders, or just current ticket holders.

When the filter is applied, you’ll see see 2 green filters for the event and current ticket holders:

You can add additional filters to this list across your race participants, fundraisers, and donors. For example, you can add a filter to only show ticket holders who donated more than $10.

Once you have applied your filters, you’ll create a name for the list and click Save.

Right now, you can export this list as a CSV file inside of a Ticket Event. You can upload as a custom list to your Race or Partner Dashboard to send an email to the list, or use as a custom list for your external mail client. We will add the ability to take an action on the list from your Ticket Event Dashboard (for example, send an email or send a promotion) to the ticket CRM in the upcoming weeks.

From your Race Dashboard, you’ll be able to send a promotion that includes ticket holders. This can be useful if, for example, you want to give a discount on your next fundraising run/walk/ride to your nonprofit’s charity gala attendees. You can learn more about creating a promotion here.

This is another important step towards creating a free CRM that allows nonprofits to effectively and intelligently engage supporters with targeted communications, calls to action, and rewards.

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