Potential Signup App Retirement Due to Sales Tax

We are still working on this, but there is some likelihood that we will retire our signup app in the next month. This is due to a number of complications that are introduced by the implementation of our new sales tax system.

We have seen a steady decline in the use of the Signup App as more races and taking advantage of letting participants signup on their mobile phones on race day. So far this year less than 0.01% of registrations we completed with the swiper, and less than 0.5% of registrations were from the Signup App. We also have Expo mode and fast registration options that are popular on race day.

We will have a final determination on this next week, but wanted to let people know about the possibility as a part of our open strategy.

2 thoughts on “Potential Signup App Retirement Due to Sales Tax

  • Most races try to eliminate race day sign up, thus the higher fee for doing so. How would a race be able to provide various, and enough, shirt sizes without prerace registrations as a guide? RunSignUp will be useless without preregistration ability. We are a small RunSignUp user, but I’m sure many others would feel the same.

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