RunSignup’s RaceCRM and RaceInsights Provide Powerful New Source Tracking

Race Directors Can Now Track Registration Source by Individual

Moorestown, NJ – RunSignup, the leading technology provider for endurance events in the US, has integrated data from their internal RaceInsights tracker into the RaceCRM to provide race directors with detailed source information on event participants.

Introduced in 2017, RaceInsights is the engine that tracks the source (such as Facebook, a specific email, or a custom digital marketing activity) to provide aggregate reports of all registrations and donations on RunSignup. With this update, that source tracking will be stored on an individual basis so that a race director can view the origin of a specific registration within RaceCRM.

Races can use this detailed source information to build better, more intelligent marketing campaigns. For example, a race can filter their CRM information to view or export all participants who registered via Facebook the previous year and create a custom audience to target those people on Facebook for a subsequent race.

RunSignup Founder and CEO Bob Bickel said, “This is groundbreaking technology. RaceInsights gave races the reporting to understand the true return on their marketing activities. With this release, we are adding the ability to activate that information and use it to build more efficient and targeted marketing campaigns each year.”

In addition to the new RaceInsights data, the RaceCRM also now includes information on club members in RunSignup. This allows a running club that also hosts races to gain insight into the race participation of club members, allowing them to offer an award to the most frequent race participant, or discount all club members who run at least 5 races.

For more information on RaceInsights data available on the RunSignup CRM, visit:

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