RaceDay Timer September Newsletter

Shawn Daugherty, Owner of GT Races

Timer Spotlight: Shawn Daugherty 

Shawn Daugherty, a RaceDay Certified Timer, shares his insights on offering RaceJoy at his events. He is currently offering RaceJoy for select events and encourages other timers to ‘Just do it.’ 

Winter Symposium Registration Now Open

Invite Your Races

January 13-14, 2020 | Orlando, Florida

Invest in your timer business by attending RunSignup’s Winter Symposium and encourage your races to join you. The symposium sessions will focus on the unique needs of timers and race directors alike. Timers will have the opportunity to become RaceDay Certified or to continue their technology training with Advanced Certification. Help your races succeed by inviting them to the symposium so they can learn about best practices and gain a deeper understanding of  the many advantages of RunSignup’s platform.  

How to Transition to RaceDay Scoring

The Future of RaceDirector

Roger Bradshaw shares his advice on the best approach for transitioning to RaceDay Scoring and provides timers a step-by-step instruction guide.

How to Transition to RaceDay Scoring

Thursday, September 26 at 2pm ET (11am PT)

Join Matt Avery for a live update on the latest advancements in RaceDay Scoring. This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered.  

RaceJoy on the Big Screen

Tour de Donut applied a creative approach with RaceJoy’s participant tracking at its recent donut eating cycling event in Troy, Ohio. Their timing company, Good Times Event Services (GT Races), displayed RaceJoy’s live tracking screens of the four cycling courses from their timing vehicle (shown below). This drew attention from the spectators and cyclists and added a level of innovation and activity to the event.

RaceJoy’s New Map Feature Tool

RaceJoy just launched a map building improvement that RaceDay Certified Timers are going to appreciate! RaceJoy’s map building tool now calculates the GPS distance on the course for new intermediate marker or timing locations, such as Geo-based audio message points and relay exchange locations.  

RunSignup Issues Market Update

Issued every six months, this is a great way to stay informed on recent market changes and understand the current trends in the industry. Key topics covered include the impact of sales tax changes, the recent market moves of organizations and people, and trends in market data.  

Industry News

  • Drug Ban for Ironman Winner Lauren Goss Found Using Cannabinoid Cream Containing more THC Than She Thought. Read the article
  • Vinokourov Could Face Jail for Allegedly Fixing Cycling Race. Get the scoop
  • Unique Cycling Jacket Could Improve Safety in a World of Autonomous Cars. Learn more
  • UTMB and Ultrarunning’s Amateurism Problem. Get the details
  • Why Older Runners Have an Edge in Ultra Races. View the article
  • It’s Getting Harder to Qualify for the Boston Marathon. Read the story
  • Scared of the Road, Cyclists Are Migrating to Dirt. Learn more


Helpful Videos and Documents: RaceJoy Timer Tools

Visit RaceJoy’s Certified Timer webpage for helpful overviews and helpful managment resources to support RaceJoy. 

The Future is Now: RaceDay Scoring Help

Find out more about how to use RunSignup’s new RaceDay Scoring solution.

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