Tracking Equipment with Rental Essentials

One of the interesting topics at the RunSignup Symposium was a session on tools that people use. Ryan Griessmeyer from RaceDay Events raved about a tool he uses to track all of his equipment inventory from barriers to cones to timing mats and controllers – Rental Essentials.

Basically, what Ryan digs about Rental Essentials is how Race Day Events can connect their seven project managers and two warehouse staff to track inventory in realtime. He also likes being able to overbook items, so he can let customers reserve items using his online store (also through the software) that they might not have on-hand, but that they can source prior to the event. That allows them to book rental opportunities they might otherwise miss out on. Reports that track overbookings also help guide which equipment they might want to acquire more of in the future. 

Because they have more than 400 events annually that they’re sending equipment to, they appreciate being able to manage events more effectively, to see future events and plan better, and how easy it’s made it to get equipment from race to race on time. 

Brian and Mark from Rental Essentials can give you more information on how their service works. It is pretty inexpensive, but pricing depends on how you use the software. Here is a guide to more information on Rental Essentials.

Here is a quick video:

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