Virtual Races: Auto Results in RaceJoy Now Available

We are excited to share that auto result submission for virtual events is now available in RunSignup’s race day app, RaceJoy. Those participants using RaceJoy for GPS tracking and cheer sending, will have their GPS-based results automatically submitted to the race as they cross the finish line. For events using RunSignup’s Virtual Results, this data will then be scored and comparative results will be displayed in the app and other outlets like the race’s website.

RaceJoy delivers progress alerts at every mile along the course to participants and to those tracking them – without the need for timing equipment. Races can monitor participants’ progress through the RaceJoy’s monitoring dashboard. As finishing times are submitted, scored results appear in the app as shown below.

Finisher data is issued to RunSignup’s Virtual Results platform where it is scored and then distributed to RaceJoy and the event’s website. Timers and race organizers have the option to set up Enhanced Results where they can review and approve results as they are submitted.

Should the participant need to adjust their results, they can easily do this by clicking on the Result Questions banner ad shown on the screen below.

So, how does RaceJoy work?

RaceJoy offers a mobile race experience for virtual events that incorporates many of the unique interactive aspects that embody a traditional race experience. At this time RaceJoy is only for events who are offering onsite course paths and is not currently available for the Run Anywhere option.

Friends and family can track participants’ location, send them cheers, and the participant receives audio progress alerts at every mile. The event can also program audio messages to automatically play as the participant crosses points along the course, such as directional cues, information about key points the participant is passing, or supportive messages.

The participant clicks the Start My Race button as they cross the start line and this begins their clock. RaceJoy auto detects when they reach the finish line. RaceJoy also issues Off Course alerts if the participant goes off course and participants can access an interactive course map to get their bearings.

Do you have a Run Anywhere option?

Not at this time. The Run Anywhere / log distance feature for RaceJoy is in development and is planned to be released in June. For now, you must have a mapped course route and participants will need to complete the onsite course to take advantage of RaceJoy.

How accurate is RaceJoy’s GPS time?

This depends on the participant and when they click the Start My Race button. If they click Start as they cross the start line, RaceJoy is very accurate (within 30 seconds of traditional RFID timing). Some opt to just turn on their tracking and not click their personal start button – which is fine as RaceJoy will pick them up at mile one and provide an average for that first mile. However, it won’t be as accurate as if they clicked the Start button at the actual start location.

How accurate is the distance in RaceJoy?

RaceJoy’s distance is as accurate as the course map provided. Since RaceJoy’s tracking is based on the official course map, the distance will not vary.

What can we do to support social distancing for those using RaceJoy?

RaceJoy is naturally supportive of socially distancing with remote integration between participants, spectators, and race organizers. We suggest you expand your race dates and offer multiple course options to help alleviate congestion concerns. Events can also create registration options based on dates and course routes and cap the registration. In addition, you could schedule corral times where you assign dates with blocks of times for participants to complete the course.

Race organizers using RaceJoy should also make use of the custom content and news features to communicate any Covid-19 related guidelines.

RaceDay Virtual Results

RaceJoy is one of the many ways that races can use to have participants submit their finish time for virtual events using RaceDay Virtual Results. Read this blog for more information on RunSignup’s Virtual Results solution.

RaceJoy Available Through Certified Timers

RaceJoy is available through RaceDay Certified timers. Check to see if your timer is certified here. If you are a timer and wish to become certified, we are offering free certification training on May 19. Register Here.

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