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December’s Top News

2016 RunSignUp Year in Review: Another great year! Lots of happy customers, great technology, and registrations…with zero downtime and 100% on-time payments to customers. Highlights of 2016 include:

  • Over 2,300 improvements of the software
  • Refund Rewards contributing an average of 7% of registrations
  • PCI Level 1 Compliance
  • Fundraising 4.0
  • RaceDay Apps for SignUp (with swipers) and Check-In
  • Free RaceDay Photo Platform
  • RaceJoy RaceDay Monitoring and integrated chip & GPS Results

2017 plans for the software include Sponsor Management, RaceDay Go Cloud and Mobile Scoring, a Timer Dashboard, a Race Promotion Dashboard, and user interface updates.

RunSignUp Fundraising 4.0: The RunSignUp Fundraising Platform has been upgraded to allow large nonprofits and fundraising events to complete the lifecycle of their event on a single platform without sacrificing the needs of participants, fundraisers, or donors. Highlights of the system include:

  • Single, simple, integrated mobile registration and fundraising process for participants
  • Live, up-to-the minute reporting on registration and fundraising, with the ability to track year-over-year
  • Automated, customized donor receipts from the charity and the fundraiser
  • A matching Gift program with integrated HEP data for finding employers
  • Simple, low 4% processing fee on donations
  • Fundraiser management tools to allow automatic creation of fundraiser pages for participants (and/or teams) and customize fundraiser email templates and social sharing tools
  • Optional Pledge Management so donors can collect donations on (for example) a per-mile basis
  • Ability to make all participants become fundraisers, with options to defer fundraising page setup until after registration

As a part of the open RunSignUp strategy, RunSignUp will also continue to support Crowdrise and FirstGiving as options for donations and fundraising. The Crowdrise integration has been updated.

More December Fundraising Updates:

Large Donation Email Notifications
Option for Participant to Pay Donation Processing Fee
Donation Amount Reports

Race Director Resources

Renew and Copy Race Improvements: New options for Copy and Renew Event Display and copying your Facebook Page, Twitter Handle, and Instagram Handle, allow for ease for a race series with a consistent setup and a focus on promoting their event

1,000 Registrations per Minute: Bayshore Marathon opened registration December 1st, and along with other traffic, put a load of 1,000 registrations per minute onto the system. 861 people signed up within 2 minutes!

Updated Coupon Report: The Coupon Report now includes the number of transactions as well as the number of registrations

More December Race Director Updates:
Series Scoring Improvement
Improved Add-On Report – By Event
Microsoft Edge Browser Date Picker Update
Address Added to Repeat Participant CSV Download
Gift Certificate Time!
Referral Sharing Code in Email Marketing
Hide Membership Discount Amount
Bulk Check-In Confirmation
Questions From Participants


RaceDay Go Updates

RaceDay Photos: Released an optimization to photo uploads to ensure a photo is uploaded only once, and added two updates to photo bib tagging, including a count of the tagged/untagged photos as they are uploaded and auto-tagged or manually tagged, and allow you to recover your bib tags if you accidentally remove them.

RaceDay SignUp: We released version 1.0.2 of the RaceDay SignUp Kiosk App to fix text wrapping on custom questions.

RaceDay Bibs: The manual bib assignment tool now has several options for sorting.


Timer Talk

The Race Director Releases Version 2017: The 2017 version provides several major enhancements, including:
  • New partnerships with Race Result, Agee Race Timing, IPICO UHF, and Trident UHF all added to the list of supported chip systems.
  • Chip Processing Auto Import
  • Race Director Go Custom Reports
  • Check Points as a new Timing Point setting
  • Cross Country overhaul of Dual Meet Mode reporting
Custom RaceDay Web Results: The Race Director has added the ability to upload custom results sets.

RaceJoy Raves

Race Day Audio Messaging Through Mobile Platform: RaceJoy’s new RaceDay monitoring system for race organizers has added the ability for organizers to instantly communicate with specific participants and the race operations team using RaceJoy.

More December RaceJoy News

Runners Blasted off with RaceJoy at the Space Coast Marathon
Best Damn Race Offers Big Race Experience at Local Race Series

Partner Progress

Partner Website State Map Zoom: When a partner has all races in one state, our national location map will now narrow down to the single state.

Partner Websites – Page Meta Description: Partners have the ability to set the Meta Description to each page (what is typically shown on a Google Search) in Advanced Page Options.

More December Partner Updates

Partner Websites – Speed Bump
Registration Date on Partner Reports

Technology Thoughts

Technology Change Rates: Notes from a talk by Thomas Friedman on the changes in technology that are so rapid they outpace the human ability to keep up. We are always working on creating and updating tools to help customers keep up and take advantage of our technology!

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May all your races run well!
– The RunSignUp Team

The RunSignUp Monthly Newsletter helps Race Directors, Timers, Running Stores, and Club Officers understand how to use online registration to improve their races and running clubs. We also provide updates on our registration service, RunSignUp. This service provides race management tools, race check-in, kiosks, results, running club memberships, and more.

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