SOS Alerts Now Available in RaceJoy

Participant Emergency Alerts for Race Day Operations

We are very excited to announce the launch of RaceJoy’s new SOS participant emergency alert feature. GiveSignup | RunSignup’s race day mobile app, RaceJoy, offers live participant tracking and spectator engagement while empowering  race organizers with the ability to monitor and communicate directly with participants during event hours. With this new SOS feature, participants can quickly send an alert, communicate information, and transmit their GPS coordinates. This helps race organizers to offer another element of safety and is ideal for ultra running events, extreme race events, night events, and trail running and cycling events. 

Participants can choose from template list or write custom message.

“This is a feature RaceJoy Certified timers have requested and one we’ve experienced an increasing demand for from event organizers with a variety of course profiles. Anyone can have an issue at any moment – from injuries to just deciding to do a shorter distance, and this enables participants to proactively communicate their status and ask for help, if needed. Race organizers can then provide support for their participants and have greater knowledge as to their course conditions,” said James Harris, Chief Technology Officer of  GiveSignup | RunSignup’s RaceDay team. 

RaceJoy’s  new SOS feature is an optional feature activated by race organizers or RaceJoy Certified Timers. Events are able to customize templated alert messages based upon their event type that participants can quickly select and transmit via the app such as; “I’m injured and need assistance”, “Send the SAG wagon for tire repair”, “Water needs to be replenished here”, “The course markings are wrong here”, and so on. 

Participants tap the SOS button in RaceJoy to transmit message and location.

Event organizers are able to monitor any received SOS alerts from their RaceJoy monitoring dashboard where they are able to see the exact location of the incident in a map view. If needed, they can send an audio message responding to the individual directly through RaceJoy. Each alert is also emailed to an array of configured email addresses. 

Some events use RaceJoy as part of their safety protocol so that they can track the location and status of their participants. The event monitoring system provides an at-a-glance view of all live participants using RaceJoy, their performance stats, and the ability to send text-to-audio messages directly to an individual, group or all participants. In addition, event organizers have the option to load in audio files that automatically play as the participant crosses milestones along the course. 

RaceJoy Timers can watch this recorded session to learn how to set up and monitor the SOS alerts:

RaceJoy is exclusively available through RaceJoy Certified Timers and has been used by ~5,000 events and 1.3 million users. RaceJoy is designed to support virtual and on-site endurance events such as running, walking, cycling, and triathlon race events. 

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